File Of Life


The File of Life is simply a small information card that contains an individual’s medical and surgical history, medications, allergies, physician as well as emergency contact information. The File of Life will help emergency responders to gather your medical data, easily access potentially life-saving information, maximize their time on scene, begin corrective treatment sooner, and help give you peace of mind during an emergency.  The kit consists of a large red envelope with a magnetic strip, a large information sheet, a small pocket-size red envelope, a small information sheet, and a sticker.

Complete the information sheets to the best of your ability.  Place the large information sheet in the large red envelope, and you may hang it from your refrigerator door.  Emergency responders are trained to look in that location for File of Life packets.  The small red envelope with the small information packet may be carried in your wallet or purse.  Please affix the File of Life sticker to the main entry door of your residence so that emergency responders know that a File of Life is present in your home. 

If using the file of life in a business setting, please put the sticker somewhere to indicate the location of the File of Life if it is not readily apparent.  Please use a pencil when you fill in the medical data.  Remember to keep your medical data up to date.  Take the file with you to visit your doctor and pharmacy.  Whenever there is a change in medication or dosage, be sure to write it on your cards.

If at any time you need to replace or update the information sheets, or require additional File of Life packets, please feel free to request them from us.

The File of Life is free for anyone!

What information do you need to provide?

  • All current prescription bottles

  • The name and phone numbers of your physician(s)

  • The name, addresses and phone numbers of your next of kin

  • Any documents that list your medical & surgical history

How does one obtain the File of Life?

Stop by the Ramsey Ambulance Corps building at 41 South Island Avenue on Wednesday nights after 7 pm and we will gladly provide you with the card and answer any question you may have. If any time you see one of our crews in a non-emergency situation, feel free to ask them and they will be able to provide you with the card as well.  

Alternatively you may request one by completing the form below. 

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