TD Bank’s Affinity Program

TD Bank’s Affinity Membership Program

The Ramsey Ambulance Corps, a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, all volunteer organization, recently signed up for TD Bank’s Affinity Program to help raise additional funding.  TD Bank’s Affinity Membership Program, is a program for non-profit organizations, where TD Bank will make an annual contribution to the organization.

The sum of the average monthly balances in all member accounts during the year which includes Business Checking, and Consumer Checkings, Savings, Money Markey, CD and
Retirement accounts are all included in the program. TD Bank Customers can be signed up for only one organization. This is a unique way to help your local volunteer ambulance
corps raise additional fundings and it will not cost you anything.

All account information is held in confidence by TD Bank and knowledge of your banking information is not shared with anyone. Please show your support of the Ramsey Ambulance Corps by signing up today. New and existing TD Bank customers from anywhere across the country are eligible. Please tell your TD Bank Branch that you would like to include your
accounts as part of the Affinity Membership Program for the Ramsey Ambulance Corps.

TD Bank offers Free Checking, 7-day banking, No-Fee ATM/Visa Check Card, Free Coin Counting, plus much more. For more information or to open an account, visit your local TD
Bank or visit For a limited time, receive $25 when you open a new non-interest bearing checking account. Please ask that your accounts be part of the
Affinity Membership Program for the Ramsey Ambulance Corps.

The Ramsey Ambulance Corps has been proudly serving Ramsey and surrounding communities since 1953.  This program is a great cost-free way to support your local volunteer ambulance corps.