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Mandatory Training

There are some training classes that are mandatory to ride on the rig in order to keep compliant with state standards. It is very important to complete these items within your first month.

Here is a list of all the mandatory training and below that is a link to all the courses. 

Once completed please submit a copy via the form below. Make sure to keep a copy for your files as well. (It is recommended to keep an ongoing folder for all of the training you complete while on the corps)

If you have any of these courses completed already please submit them using the form as well.

Certification Update Form

Bloodborne Pathogens *Taken annually*

This course will cover how to protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens and other infectious materials. You will use this system for a few more classes, so be sure to remember your login info. You can find this course in the "Course Catalog" section.

Bloodborne Pathogens Course

Hazard Communication & the Globally Harmonized System

*Taken annually*

This course covers the many hazards you may encounter in the workplace. This is a state-required course that reviews how to find information on those hazards, and what to do if you encounter them. You can find this course in the "Course Catalog" section as well.


We Must Respect Each Other in Local Government *Taken annually*

This course reviews your rights as an employee and how to respect the rights of others. This is the third course you will take on this website. the same as above.

We Must Respect Eachother in LG

Hazardous Materials Awareness *Taken annually*

In this class, you will learn about how to identify hazardous materials that you could encounter in the field. You will also go over how to respond and report these incidents.

You do not have to create a login to take the course but will need to create an account to take the final exam. In order to create an account, you will need your social security number after the account is created you will receive a FEMA SID number. You will need this number periodically throughout your emergency services career make sure to keep it in a safe place.

Hazmat Awareness 

Incident Command System 100

The incident command system is a crucial element in emergency services. This course serves as an introduction to ICS and how it applies to us. You will need your FEMA SID number from the previous course again.

ICS 100

Incident Command System 700

 This course covers the National Incident Management System or NIMS. This course covers how it’s applied to large-scale incidents where resources from around the country could be called in.

ICS 700