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Ramsey Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc

Neighbors Helping Neighbors for Over 60 Years

How many hours am I required to volunteer?

All members are asked to volunteer 20 hours a month.


Members serve on duty crews on a 4-hour shift, with many members regularly riding multiple shifts a day and week.


All members are allowed to pick their schedules throughout the year.


 In addition, members are required to attend all meetings and drills and are asked to assist at any special events throughout the year. 

What is the minimum age to volunteer?

To volunteer as an EMT, you must be 16 years old or older.

Driver only members must be 21 years old or older.

Administrative members must be 18 

For more information on how to join, please click here.

What should I do when I see flashing red or blue lights behind me?

If you see flashing red and blue or just blue lights please stay calm and pull to the immediate right as soon as safe to do so. 

Flashing blue lights are used by our members in their personally owned vehicles. These lights are used to “ask” other motorists to yield, allowing volunteers to more quickly reach our building. As such, we ask that if you do see a volunteer behind you displaying a flashing blue light, to yield to us, if safe and reasonable to do so. This can help us reach our building faster, shaving valuable seconds, and even minutes from our response time to the scene.

Why did two ambulances show up when I called for one?

We partner with paramedics from area hospitals, primarily Valley Hospital, on certain calls.


Paramedics are an extension of the ER and have expanded patient care capabilities.


Not every patient needs paramedics.

What should I do if I call for an ambulance?

If you call for an ambulance, there are many things you can do to prepare for their arrival.


Please make sure all pets are away, and if you have any medications or medical documents (DNR, history list, medication list, POLST) please have them easily available.

Where do you transport your patients to?

We primarily transport our patients to Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ, Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, NY, Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, NJ, and New Bridge Medical Center in Paramus NJ.

On a case by case basis, we will offer transport to other hospitals in the area. 

Does Ramsey Ambulance bill for your services?

No, Ramsey Ambulance is a 501(c)(3)  organization.


We never bill our patients and rely on donations from our community to keep us running. 

Then why did I receive a bill?

You may be billed for services from your other healthcare providers, including paramedic services, and other private ambulance services.

You will never receive a bill from your Ramsey Volunteer Ambulance Corps. 

Do you offer non emergency transports?

No, unfortunately, we do not offer non-emergency transports.

Frequently Asked Questions

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