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Ramsey Ambulance Corps, Inc

Neighbors Helping Neighbors for Over 70 Years

The Ramsey Ambulance Corps provides an emergency medical services bike unit for special events, and search and rescue functions as requested.

 The EMS bike unit supports and augments the EMS functions of the department and other emergency services. Most recently it was utilized at the Ramsey Run and Ramsey’s Independence Day fireworks.

The bike unit is equipped with oxygen and airway supplies, basic trauma and medical supplies, and other specialized equipment. The bike unit is available by request for events in Ramsey and other municipalities for emergencies and special events.

The Ramsey Ambulance Corps has the capability of providing a Field Treatment Unit that can be utilized for special events, large scale incidents and disasters.

This unit is deployed in areas where it may be difficult to evacuate sick or injured patients to transport EMS units in a timely fashion, such as on a field or parade route. The FTU consists of treatment tents, medical cots and mobile mass casualty kits.

The FTU can be scaled to the size of the event. The FTU is available by request for events in Ramsey and other municipalities for emergencies and special events.

Through a generous donation from the Greater Ramsey Unico in 2012 we were able to purchase a trailer that now houses our FTU, due to their support we are now able to deploy this unit with a moments notice.

Bike Unit

Field Treatment Unit

Special Operations


424 is a Horton Emergency Vehicle ambulance built on a 2015 International 4300 chassis and was delivered in September of 2014 by VCI Emergency Vehicle Specialists. It is dedicated to Mary Carol "M.C." Diaranto for her contributions to the department. 


425 is our newest addition to the fleet. It is a Road Rescue Ambulance built on a 2019 Freightliner Chassis by Absolute Fire Protection. 425 is dedicated to life member Marc Madson for his contributions to RAC.


Rapid Response Vehicle 419 is a 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe SSV. This vehicle is used to precede an ambulance to a request for emergency medical services, to initiate patient care faster and provide support services for the department. The emergency vehicle conversion was done by Odyssey Emergency Vehicles.


LSU 1 is designed to hold our Field Treatment Unit. The Field Treatment Unit or FTU was graciously obtained through funds from the Greater Ramsey Unico. The FTU is designed to hold extra supplies in equipment to set up a field treatment area. This can be used at events, standbys, or mass casualty incidents.

Our Fleet

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